More than 100 proofreading job offers per year!

We are looking for proofreaders with strong academic backgrounds (preferably with experiences as researchers) either in medical sciences, natural sciences, engineering, humanities, or social sciences.

Our clients are Japanese doctors, professors, and researchers who submit their papers to academic journals. We have more than 50 jobs per month, and the most successful candidate will receive 10 to 20 job offers per month.

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Job Description

The proofreader will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Conducts proofreading to improve readability and clarity of client's English in their academic documents.
  • Assures continuity of style, accuracy of content, and conformity with established style guides, such as The Chicago Manual of Style, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or the style guide of the target journal.
  • Familiarizes oneself with the latest research trends, terminology, and writing styles.
  • Provides clients with advice/guidance on English writing as tips in the comment.


Professionalism: Ability to demonstrate professional competence and mastery of subject academic fields.
Experiences: A minimum 3 years of experience of proofreading academic documents, and preferably, a working experience as a referee of academic journals.
Languages: Applicant must be fluent in English, which must be their primary language (i.e., mother tongue or the main language of education).

About Us

Our clients are Japanese doctors, professors, and researchers who submit their papers to academic journals. Medical Science and related Natural Science documents are the most frequent, followed by those of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Our company profile and the list of our clients are as follows:

Company Profile

Name: CRL INc.
Address: 2-11-9 Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032, Japan
CEO: Ryosuke Sasaki
Established: 2009

List of Clients

National Universities

The University of Tokyo
Tsukuba University
Ochanomizu University
Osaka University
Kyoto University
Kobe University
Tohoku University
Akita University
Nagoya University
Shinshu University
Niigata University
Kyushu University

and more...

Public Universities

Sapporo Medical University
Ibaraki Prefectural
University of Health Sciences
Saitama Prefectural University
Yokohama City University
Nagoya City University
Osaka City University
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Prefectural University of Hiroshima

and more...

Private University

International University of Health and Welfare
Saitama Medical University
Jichi Medical University
Kanagawa Dental University
The Jikei University School of Medicine
Rikkyo University
Toho Universiy
Juntendo University
Kyorin University
Waseda University
Meiji University
Kindai University

and more...

Research Institutes

National Institute of Health Sciences
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
National Institute for Materials Science
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Building Research Institute
National Institute of Infectious Diseases

and more...

List of Recent Jobs

Medical/Pharmaceutical Sciences

Neuroscience and neurology Institutionalization of Accounting in the Brain-Perspectives of Neuroaccounting
Microbiology and immunology Antibody Panel Construction Using Heparitinase Antibody for Malignant Coelomic Fluid:
Effectiveness of a Cell Transcription Method for Cellular Diagnostic Material
Urology National Clinical Database in the Japanese Urological Association
Medical education Development of an auscultation learning system utilizing Bluetooth
Reproductive medicine and OBGYN Epidemiological study of genitourinary syndrome of menopause in Japan
Nursing education The Significant Roles of an Assistant Director of Nursing: An Analysis of an Interview with the Director of Nursing
Healthcare Relationship between Ingestion/Swallowing Ability and Oral Environment of Patients who Suffered from Stroke in Recovery Rehabilitation Ward
Urology Editorial comment on a National Questionnaire Survey of Japanese Urologists on Active Surveillance for Low- and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
Healthcare Needs and Challenges of Family Health Nursing as Perceived by Nursing Transplant Coordinators with Experience of Patients who Underwent Live-Donor Liver Transplant
Clinical oncology Does Multidisciplinary Therapy in Sarcoma Center Improve Prognosis of Patients with Soft Tissue Sarcoma?: A Retrospective Study at a Single Institute

Natural Sciences

Zoology Development of an Artificial Induced Spawning Technique for Reef-building Corals using Acropora muricata
Life Sciences Short-chain fatty acid-releasing nano-prodrugs for attenuating growth and metastasis of melanoma
Molecular biology:
Embryonic, cellular,
and evolutionary
Determination of Zinc Sufficiency via the Direct Assessment of Fingertip Blood Samplesn
Molecular biology:
Embryonic, cellular,
and evolutionary
Extracellular matrix in the liver
Life Sciences An Orally Deliverable Ornithine-Based Polymer Assembling Nanomedicine for Amelioration of Hyperammonemia in Acetaminophen-Induced Acute Liver Injury
Geotechnical engineering Identification of slip surfaces using mineralogical, chemical, and physical evaluation methods
Marine biology Development of an Artificial Induced Spawning Technique for Reef-building Corals using Acropora muricata
Environmental studies
and disaster
Supportive Measures for Ostomates in Disaster Preparation: Map Development Using Geographic Information System
Life Sciences Design of Self-assembling Prodrug of Short-Chain Fatty Acids for Treating Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Geotechnical engineering Reinforcement Method for Ground Bearing Capacity by Local Consolidation
Life Sciences Maternal identification of hybrids between Oncorhynchus masou and Salvelinus leucomaenis in five river systems in Gifu prefecture
Biochemistry and
structural biology
Comparative Study of Viable Fungal Counting Methods in the Microbial Limit Test for Food Additives
Cell biology Collagen-derived Dipeptides and Amino Acids Have Immunomodulatory Effects in M1-differentiated RAW264.7 Cells
Life Sciences Intergeneric mating behavior between Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae and Salvelinus leucomaenis
Ophthalmology Electronystagmography and Video-Oculography

Humanities/Social Sciences

Sociology Understanding Crime by the Elderly
From Punishment to Social Welfare, and Beyond (Restoration of Humanity)
Sociology Understanding Crime by the Elderly
Economics Issues Identified through Community Vitalization Projects: From Two Cases in the Southern Part of Mie Prefecture
History Belt and Road Initiative and Free and Open Indo-Pacific
Linguistics The relationship between the antecedent and consequent of ほど (hodo)
Psychology Inappropriate Driving Behavior Exhibited by Drivers with the Tendency of Developmental Disabilities
Education The practice of Single Material Utilization in Life Stage Perspectivesy
Education Influence of Shape Preferences and Arrangement of Three-Dimensional Objects on the Act of Touching
Based on the Analysis of a Fact-Finding Survey of Junior High School Students
Education Influence of Shape Preferences and Arrangement of Three-Dimensional Objects on the Act of Touching
Psychology Comprehensive Research on the Actual State of Cyberbullying
Psychology Comprehensive Research on the Actual State of Cyberbullying — Who Suffers from Cyberbullying? —
History Requests to enter the rear palace by emperors and crown princes: The gap between historical facts and tales in the Heian period
Sociology Chapter 3: The Needs of Restorative Justice for senior criminal women in Japan
Family Lives of Children in Transitional Period from Preschool to Elementary School: Focusing on Changes in Children’s Routines Before and After Entering School


Materials science Behaviors of H, D, and Li in water-soaked LATP solid electrolytes at room temperature
Applied physics A Case Study of Improvements in the Conditions of a Patient with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Who Underwent Metal-free Dental Treatment Using Bi Digital O-ring Test
Materials science Large-scale dispersion of long and isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes using a cavitation method
Machine learning Music generation in real time using SVM on EEG data
Materials science Maternal identification of intergenic hybrids between Oncorhynchus masou and Salvelinus leucomaenis collected from natural environments in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan
Civil engineering Influence of Construction Joints on the Mechanical Behavior of Linings in Mountain Tunnel Acted on by External Forces
Information science Experimental demonstration of equalization with phase lock loops against Doppler shifts of multipath signals on underwater acoustic communications
Mechanical engineering Development of the Urban Thermal Simulator and its Validation
Agricultural science The effect of introducing onion cultivation to diversified paddy farming ‐Agricultural corporations in the tsunami-stricken area of Fukushima Prefecture -
Agricultural science Effect of growth temperature on Astragalus sinicus L growth, nodulation, and nitrogen fixation
Agricultural science Analysis of varietal difference in arbuscular mycorrhizal responsiveness among soybean cultivars
Agricultural science Fertilizer recommendations according to the total body weight of sheep and horse throughout the sward grazing period in Hokkaido